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The Fun of Cable Knitting

Cable knitting is an exciting technique for learners and well-versed knitters alike. Cable knitting patterns open up a new dimension for knitters, but the technique is not a new one by any means. It’s roots go back to historical knitting designs. Cables can and have appeared on everything from socks …

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Easy Knitting Patterns – Tips For The Beginning Knitter

We all know that it's smart to start with easy knitting patterns when you're a beginner. But, frankly, how excited can you get about knitting acrylic potholders? This article will give you a few tips to start knitting happily in no time. You don't have to frustrate yourself with a …

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The Best Circular Needles For Magic Loop

Get the correct length of needle When you start knitting in the round on the Magic Loop you're going to need to get just a few supplies. A 40-to 47-inch-long circular needle will get you started off right. Forty-seven inches is a good length for being able to knit things …

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Outerwear for Women This Winter

Leather and animal prints are huge high-end outerwear trends this winter, but faux animal skins and fur achieve the same effect as the real thing. Leopard print is still big, especially in womens coats, and short jackets are a great way to wear leather, whether real or fake. If you …

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