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Baby Crochet

Baby Crochet patterns that are made by hand are made with love. Crochet hats, crochet toys, crochet hanger patterns, knitted hangers, baby blankets and baby booties will be required from baby’s first few weeks of life.

My baby clothing patterns are all worked in 3 ply 100% nylon baby yarn. This yarn is very soft, durable, easy to care for, and lends itself very well to these patterns.

Crochet hangers are a must to hold and store baby’s outfits preventing them from sliding off ordinary coat hangers and onto the floor. They look pretty and make a very attractive, functional, and inexpensive gift. A good project for using up odd leftover pieces of yarn. Multi-colored pastels all worked in together create a pleasing effect. Tassels, fringing, bows, and flowers may be used to decorate the finished hanger.

Crocheted hats are very handy especially for newborns. If the baby is premature, special care is taken to prevent the loss of body heat. They are soft, comfortable, protective and therefore excellent for this purpose. They are easy and inexpensive to make, only requiring a hook, a ball of yarn, and a little effort.

Crocheted baby booties are a quick easy project to create. I have made a twisted cord to thread through at the ankles instead of ribbon. You may use ribbon if you wish, however I find ribbon bows tend to come undone quite easily [especially if the ribbon is satin], resulting in booties slipping off baby’s feet and being lost. Booties may be worn over jumpsuits for extra warmth.

My crochet baby blanket pattern is worked in one piece and one color, however it will also look very effective worked in stripes of either two alternating colors, or a variety of soft hues. Crocheted blankets and lace shawls are some of the most useful gifts a newborn can receive. They can be transferred from pram to cot to floor, or to wrap your bundle of joy in to keep him/her snug and warm, while being nursed.

Crochet toys make cute shower gifts. They are soft, cuddly, and safe for infants and toddlers, having no sharp edges or small pieces to break off. Imagine the delight your friend or relative will feel when you present them with the beautiful present you’ve taken the time and effort to create especially for them. What gift would be more appreciated than something unique that was created with love?

Happy Crocheting


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