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Fall in Love With Black Earrings

Finally, after the hot summer months, it’s time to break the chunky knit sweaters and darker colors because Autumn is here! If you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your fall wardrobe, FREIDA ROTHMAN has you covered. Our dramatic fall collection, Industrial Finish, is the perfect fit for a booming …

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The 1980’s Bond Knitting Machine

Back in the 1980’s, an Englishman by the name of Roger Curry, set out to design a knitting machine which would be simple to use and could produce machine-knitted garments that would look as if they had been hand-knitted. What he created was the Bond knitting machine which was a …

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Pull Off the Preppy Look

The preppy style is the fresh but elegant look that is long been seen on the campuses of American Ivy League colleges such as Harvard and Yale, and it is a great look to opt for over summer if you have got the youthfulness to pull it off. With a …

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Trendy Madness In Fashion Meccas

Fashion experiences dynamic leash in different parts of the world, wearing different colors, image and feel, taking inspiration from local environment and blending into the global trend stream. This article focuses on futuristic trends for the coming season 2007-2008 in fashion Meccas – New York, Paris, Milan, Londonand Los Angels. …

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The Importance of Stitch Markers

In any kind of stitching art, you will find that stitch markers are used by every experienced stitcher. The reason is because using them helps the person save time. They are also important because they save people from getting frustrated and giving up entirely. For example, if you were using …

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Marc Jacobs Fashions

On April 9,1963 in New York City, the American fashion designer Marc Jacobs was born. At an early age, his grandmother taught him how to knit. Later on, at the age of fifteen he started working as a stock boy at the Charivarl boutique in New York City. In addition, …

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Living Large in Guanaja Honduras

Guanaja Honduras, a Bay Island paradise, located in Central America may be the next HOT SPOT for affordable retirement. Many Baby Boomers are now at retirement age and others are just looking to retire early, but how? The economy is sluggish and the US dollar has reached all time lows. …

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5 Knitting Accessories You Need to Have

With knitting being a very popular hobby in many countries around the world, there is a huge number of retailers all offering various thicknesses of knitting yarn, along with a variety of knitting accessories that are claimed to be more or less essential for various projects. One of the first …

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A Good Yarn – Book Review

A Good Yarn is women’s fiction. I picked up the book, because I saw the illustration of a basket full of yarn that suggested warmth or my mother, who used to be a knitter. I never could knit well, although I learned two stitches, knit and purl, and managed to …

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