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The Benefits Of Interchangeable Knitting Needles Like The Addi Clicks

Knitters who are constantly casting on new projects can really benefit from interchangeable knitting needle sets. In the knitting community, these sets are very popular. Interchangeable needle sets consist of ten to twelve different sizes of knitting needles, and a few lengths of cable. With these sets, you have every standard size knitting needle, and will rarely need to purchase another.

Using these sets is very simple. Starting a new project simply means figuring out what needles you need and twisting the needles into the length of cord. High quality sets like the Addi Clicks ensure that the join between your cord and needle is very smooth and will not untwist. When you start a new project, consult the “Materials” section of your pattern, where you will find the needle size needed. You may find that your pattern calls for 16″ #11 needles. This means that you should take your 16″ cord and twist them into your U.S. size 11 needles.

When you sit down to start a new project, it is a very good habit to check the “gauge” of your knitting, especially if you are trying the project on a yarn not specified in the pattern. For any given project, the pattern will tell you how many stitches per inch you should be getting on a certain size needle. For example, a pattern may specify that you should be getting 4.5 stitches to the inch with your yarn.

In a perfect world, everyone would get 4.5 stitches to the inch when testing their gauge swatch. The truth is, some people knit with a tighter or looser tension than others. Because of this, interchangeable needle sets are a great resource: you can simply go up or down a needle size to get gauge! You don’t even need to take your project off of your cord: you can just twist on new needles!

I have a set of my own, and I use it constantly. The only needles I still have to purchase are very small and very large needles. All of the standard needle sizes are in my set, so I can use them on almost any project. My favorite interchangeable set are the Addi Clicks. The Addi company creates really high quality products; they are known throughout the knitting industry as being the best needles on the market.

Addi Clicks come in three different materials. The Addi Natura Clicks are the bamboo needles. These are great for beginners as they have a great grab on your stitches so they won’t fall off easily. The Addi Turbo Clicks are the standard nickel plated needles, and are perfect for any project. These are my favorite needles, as the material really helps my knitting move along quickly. The Addi Lace Clicks are made of brass and come in small sizes. These are for those who do a lot of detailed lace work.

One huge benefit from these Click sets are that you get a great value for the number of needle/cord combinations in the set. You’re really only paying about $5.00 for every needle. In my shop, these needles run from $13.00 to $25.00 separately, so you’re making a great economic decision. Sets like the Addi Clicks are a smart choice when it comes to money, and the quality of the needles makes the process of working on your project much more enjoyable.

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